Anti-social Behaviour and Neighbour Nuisance

All tenants should respect the right of their neighbours to enjoy a peaceful and quiety home environment.  It is unfortunate that, even with the best intentions, problems can sometimes arise in a community or between neighbours. 

Under the terms of your Tenancy Agreement you agreed not to annoy, disturb, harass or cause a nuisance or distress to your neighbour.  You also agreed not to allow anyone living with you or visiting you to act in any of these ways.  As parents you have a responsibility to control and supervise your children, to ensure that they do not cause any nuisance to neighbours. 

If your neighbour is a Rural Stirling Housing Association tenant then they will also have agreed to these tenancy conditions. 

Categories of Anti-Social Behaviour and Neighbour Nuisance

ASB Category

Incident Description

Serious ASB

Immediate risk to customers and criminal content, drug dealing, unprovoked assault, violence including domestic violence, harassment, hate crime

Urgent ASB

Urgent risk- threatening or abusive behaviour, frequent serious disturbance and noise, vandalism and damage to RSHA property, personal attacks on social media towards our tenants and staff

Neighbour Nuisance

Breach of tenancy conditions including occasional noise, family disputes affecting neighbours, dog/pet control, behaviour of visitors or children, infrequent disturbance. This category will also include complaints about stair/bin cleaning, fly tipping, garden upkeep and litter.


Timescales for Dealing with Anti-Social Behaviour and Neighbour Nuisance

Category of ASB

Initial Response Time

(working days)

Resolution Time


1 day

2 months


3 days

1 month

Neighbour Nuisance

5 days

15 working days


How we will Deal with Anti-Social Behaviour and Neighbour Nuisance

·       Visit all parties to discuss any incidents reported and hopefully resolve the situation.

If the situation can’t be resolved, we will:

·       Work in partnership with Police Scotland, Stirling Council and other partners to try and resolve the situation.

·       Arrange mediation if all parties are agreeable.

·       If required, issue warning notices.

·       Issue an Anti-Social Behaviour Order.

·       As a last resort, take legal action against tenant’s in breach of their tenancy agreement to remove them from the property.

If you experience serious or urgent Anti-Social Behaviour out with normal office hours, please contact:

Stirling Council - ASB and Noise Enforcement – 07717 544926 or 01786 404040

Police Scotland – 101 (if someone is in immediate danger phone 999) 

Stirling Women’s Aid - 01786 470897 

Victim Support - 0800 160 1985    

If you would like further information about how we deal with anti-social behaviour and neighbour nuisance please see our Anti-Social Behaviour and Neighbour Nuisance Policy or our Tenant’s handbook.