Introducing Call Recording from mid January 2023

We have now introduced Call Recording to our phone system.  This aims to improve the quality of our services and to protect both our staff and our customers RSHA.

Most of us are familiar with call recording announcements when making business phone calls and our system will be similar.  The digital technology allows the recording of real time phone calls with the option to playback. Our system is fully compliant with data protection legislation. 

If a caller becomes aggressive or abusive on the phone to a staff member, the staff member has been instructed to terminate the call and senior managers will then investigate and take appropriate action.  Should a caller raise a complaint with the way a call was handled then we shall also investigate by listening to the call and taking appropriate action. 

RSHA will also use call recordings for internal staff training purposes to improve the quality of service we provide.  

RSHA has an Acceptable Behaviour Policy and we have recently reviewed our Customer Service Standards.  A copy can be obtained by contacting the office.