ou have the right to carry out improvements to your home, but you must get the Association's permission before you carry out any work.   You must complete an Alterations And Improvement Form 

Alterations that would make your home less safe or would reduce its value will not be given consent.
By improvement, we mean any alteration or addition to your home, including the following:

  • any addition or alteration to the Association's fixtures and fittings, or in relation to the services provided, e.g.  putting in a new kitchen sink,
  • putting up a radio or TV aerial, satellite dish or receiver,
  • carrying out external decoration.

The Association cannot unreasonably refuse you permission to make improvements, but may make certain conditions, e.g. that the work is carried out to a proper standard.

Improvement works will not be taken into account in determining rent levels.  Please note that where alterations are carried out without permission you may be required to restore the property to its original condition.

 Right to compensation for improvements 

If you carry out certain types of improvements with our consent you may be able to claim compensation towards the cost at the end of your tenancy. Compensation is calculated in a way set out by our Regulator, Scottish Housing Regulator, with some conditions, such as providing original invoices of the cost of the work and fittings.

Compensation can only be claimed by submitting a written request between 28 days before the end of tenancy date and up to 21 days after. Please contact us if you require further information.

If you want to: • alter, improve or enlarge the house, fittings or fixtures; • add new fittings or fixtures (for example kitchen or bathroom installations, central heating or other fixed heaters, double glazing, or any kind of external aerial or satellite dish); • put up a garage, shed or other structure; • decorate the outside of the house; you must first get our written permission. We will not refuse permission unreasonably. We may grant permission with conditions including conditions regarding the standard of the work. See paragraph 10.2 for more details about the procedure.